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06 Oct 2016 - 07:06:11 am

Love Quotes For Him : 2016 Edition

Some practical love quotes for him. It is latest and new 2016 edition. Too much practical according to situation.

Valentine's Day is around the corner, right? And most guys, ok -- most guys -- they put their best romantic foot forward around this time of year. 

But what we're gonna do this Valentine's Day is show you -- the females -- us -- El Chicas how to sweep your guy -- the guy -- El Crush this Valentines Day. 

We have actually gotten a bunch of the quotes that we love and we are going to tell you how to strategically use these quotes without your guy even knowing that you're using quotes. 

Cuz you gotta be smooth when you're coming with a quote. 

You gotta be. 

You gotta be like (singing) "Smooth Operator." We are not crazy. 

We will not steer you wrong. If you do it social media. 

If you do it through text messaging or FaceTime -- we've got you covered. 

Ok so for all of our text messaging females. You know the type -- wake up, texting. 

Go to sleep, texting. 

Can't get off that phone, texting. 

Let me set it up. Let me set it up. 

Ok so with the text-messaging quote, you have to do it so random. 

You know, its like you wake up - you aint, you aint text ya guy - talk to your guy all-day and just in the middle of the day. 

Middle of the day? (Sound) There go a text message.

Okay so picture this. 

He's with his boys playing basketball up and down the court - fade away Then you know, he hears his phone goes off. 

Its like (sound) that's that's how it go? 

Whatever sound it makes. 

Okay, and then he hear it, he running so he like "Hold On, Hold On Bruh. 

Aye Hold On Bruh. Let me go check my phone." That's the dude's voice she doing right now. 

So then he goes over there and he's out of breath. He's like (heavy breathing) He grabs his Gatorade. 

He grabs his phone and he sees a text message that says: 

"If I had to choose between breathing and loving you -- I would use my last breath to tell you I love you." 

Ohhhhhh ohhh you got him at this point girl. He's a keeper. Now-a-days people rarely leave voicemail messages. 

Or should I say people rarely listen to their voicemail messages? 

Okay, so when you leave him this quote via voicemail, its gonna be totally unexpected, totally random for him. 

When he sees a voicemail he's gonna be like "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God. 

My girl must have a flat tire." Let me see what this voicemail is about. 

So he puts in his code (sound) and then when he hears your voice on the other line and you're saying something like this, "Just when I thought it was impossible to love you anymore -- you prove me wrong.

" Girrrrllll. You did it. You did that. You-Did-That. 

This next one is for the girl who's in a long distance relationship so she's really not into the text messaging; 

she's not into the voicemail. 

She really is a face-to-face type of person but because of the distance she has to use like FaceTime. 

So this is like FaceTime, Skyping type of thing. 

So now you know you're gonna skype. 

You know you're gonna FaceTime. So disclaimer, make sure you do not have on no head wrap. Please. 

Make sure you're not in just some lounging close around the house that you clean in or whatever. 

No ashy lips. No. No. You wanna make it look effortless but still cute at the same time. Alright? 

So you know you pick up your little phone or whatever and say you call (dialing sound). 

And then you call him and you say 
  1. "hey babe." 
  2. "What's up babe?" 
  3. "How you doing?" 
  4. "I'm good. What's up with you? I'm tired. What's up though?" 
  5. "Nothing. I miss you." 
  6. "Awe babe, you know I miss you too. You looking good babe." 
  7. "Thanks. Hey, can I tell you something?" 
  8. "What's up babe?" 
  9. "You know there's only two times that I wanna be with you, right?"
  10. "For real, when, when is that?" 
  11. "Now and Forever" 

(Sigh) Girl. Oh my God. Oh my God. This next one is for the girl who aint got no time for no text messaging. 

Who doesn't like her voice on voicemail. 

You know how that goes. 

This is more so for your face to face, tell it like it is girl. Let em know. 

Okay, so you're at dinner, right? Let me set it up for you. 

You're at dinner with your beau thing -- you know, the candles is lit, the lights are dim, the music is playing softly in the background. 

And then you tell him -- you say. You gotta change your voice at this point. 

You can't be at a ten, you gotta go down to a two. You gotta say "Hey bae, if you live to be 100, I wanna live to be 100 minus 1 day so that I never have to live without you.

" Oh my Gosh! I just got the Holy Ghost just saying it. 

Okay, so this one is for our social media type of female. 

You know, you live and breathe off of social media. 

You wake up, social media. You go to sleep, social media. 

Okay, so with this, this gives you an opportunity to be real mystique. 

You know, you wanna have a little fun with this one. 

You DO NOT -- you do not @ him. 

Okay? You just put it out in the universe, right? It's called a subliminal message, right? So you put it in (typing sound) Send! And then, you text him. 

Check my timeline. Now you know guys like a good hunt right? 

So now he like "Ohhhhh, the hunt is on!" So he going through your timeline, he going through your timeline and then what does he see there? Let 'em know. 

"I was planning to give you my heart, but you stole it." 

Oh My Gosh! You! He will! Just be ready. 

Cause he gon' put a -- he gon put a ring on it tonight girl. 

So we hope these things helped you guys out. We covered the text message, the voicemail, social media, FaceTime, and the face-to-face. 

So you have no excuses. Its time to be romantic and sweep your man off his feet. 

Sweep your man off his feet. 

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